I had

JALパック  2010.6.22〜26
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I had been to India to look at Taj Mahal.
I was in front of the hotel. The temperature was already
over 30 at 7 o'clock. But it was dry. I didn't feel so bad.
This is Raj Ghat where Gandhi was cremated. according
to Hinduism.
My guide explained eagerly how he was great.
This is Humayun's Tomb. He was the second emperor
of Mughal Empire.
It was very beautiful because of its symmetrical building.
Although people wearing sleeveless shirts are not allowed to
enter there, I looked at lots of people wearing them.
This tomb was next to Humayun's tomb. But few people
visited here. So it was very quiet.
This is India Gate. I thought it was a triumphal arch first.
But it was not true. It was the monument of the Indian soldiers
fell in the World War U.
Lots of soldiers's name were written on the wall.
This is Rashtrapati Bhavan (the Executive Mansion).
The colonial style building which Islamic style and western
style were fused to was splendid.
This is Qutb Minar. Islamic emperor constructed this tower
in memory of winning a victory over Hindu.
We can Iron Pillar in the yard. It was constructed in 4 century.
But it doesn't rust yet.
I was surprised at their techcal level.
   Lunch were Tandoori Chiken and 3 kinds of curries.
Vegetable, beans and chiken curry. Beans curry was not so
DELHI―(by car)―AGRA
I had strict security check taken at the gate of Taj Mahal.
It was more severe than airport.
This is Taj Mahal where I'm looking forward to visiting for
a long time.
It is made of marble. It shone brightly and was so beautiful.
I was very satisfied.
I went to Agra Fort. It was made of sandstone.
So it looked like red fort.
I was deeply impressed with the sight which I looked at
from here.
        Lunch was Chinese cooking of Indian style.
Food on the left was tomato soup.
They were delicious for me.
This is Fatehpur Sikri which was constructed by Aquval.
He lived here only for 14 years.
I felt a great pity for this castle.
  This is today's dinner. The left picture is mutton curry.
It was so delicious.
Dessert was lots of fruites cut. They were delicious, too.
AGRA―(by car)―JAIPUR
Jaipur is called as pink city.
This building is called as Hawa Mahal ( Palace of Wind ).
Because it is well ventilated.
This color of wall is typcal color in Jaypur.
I rode an elephant to go to Amber Palace.
This is Ganesha gate of Amber Palace.
It is one of the most beautiful gate in the world.
It was really beautiful.
This building is called as Palace of water.
Jantar Mantar ( an observatory ).
It was constructed in 1730.
People in those days observed some heavenly bodies
exactly useing this equipments.
It is surprising.
This is City Palace in where some descendants live.
I caught a glimpse of the gulf between rich and poor.
I had today's dinner at restaurant in the hotel I stayed at.
But it was poor. The hotel was poor, too.
Rest place.
Toilet tip is Rs 10 ( 20 yen). Driver was very good at car.
I cann't drive in India.

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